Paradox: Inflation Means Shrinking Food Packages

“This fear of inflation, I think, is way overstated,” Mr. Bernanke said. “We’ve looked at it very, very carefully. We’ve analyzed it every which way.”

" Liar-Liar Money on Fire"

Link to quote.

That’s just a load of B.S.,  Ben

Correction, “It stinketh and causeth the flowers to grow, Mr. Chairman.”

Here’s what we’re dealing with in the food aisle, Mr. Bernanke.

15% reduction in product, same great price?

Click here for a slide show of other products with Shrinking packages as food prices rise.

Burning our buying power Photo.

Heinz photo and facts .

Inflation: In our shops  we see it in raw materials. Copper up 159% since December 2008.

Copper up just 159% over Dec 2008

Look at these facts very, very carefully, Ben- baby.

Paying more while getting less than we used to- that’s what we call INFLATION.

We wonder just what it is that you think inflation is?


3 Responses to Paradox: Inflation Means Shrinking Food Packages

  1. I understand what you’re saying but perhaps the silver lining is portion control?

    • speakingofprecision says:

      Well that may be true for foods, but when we need a ton of copper or steel, it needs to be the full ton, not the new and improved one. Thanks for the thoughtful comment!

  2. […] This is what we see when we go to purchase an item at the store for the same price, but get  less product. […]

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