Precision Plus Training Initiatives Featured in STEM Magazine

Precision Plus, Inc. is featured in the latest issue of Wisconsin STEM Pathways Magazine. 

The article, entitled Companies in the Classroom–Putting the Classroom in the Workplace, chronicles the company’s two year journey from a concept to the reality of having an internship and a apprenticeship program for high school and college students, as well as a fully equipped classroom within its facilities.

Pathways-Article copy

PMPA member companies recognize the challenge of finding a skilled workforce.

That’s why companies like Precision Plus, Inc. are actually doing something about it.

And why we are active working locally and  nationally to make a difference and change the conversation about skills and careers and economic success.

Congratulations to Precision Plus, Inc., for leading the way to create the skilled workforce our industry needs.

To download a PDF of the complete article, click here.

The Precision Plus Inc. Blog

Precision Plus Website

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