What You Preferred in 2013

Here are the top posts from 2013 that YOU found most interesting.

Skills DO Pay the Bills

You need skills, not just high pay, to properly hitch the cart to the horse.

You need skills, not just high pay, to properly hitch the cart to the horse.

We paid attention!

With over 20,000 views, we adjusted to your interest by creating a new blog focused solely on careers:


Second most popular  was Multiple Solutions about the lesson I learned at Paul Horn Company about optimizing for product output and quality rather than lowest cost- over 14,000 views:

Yep Two solutions! Which one is right?

Yep Two solutions! Which one is right?

Accuracy and Precision in your Machining Shop

Accuracy describes 'close to true value;' Precision describes 'repeatability.'

Accuracy describes ‘close to true value;’ Precision describes ‘repeatability.’

Our post explaining accuracy and precision has had over 10,000 views.

We had two posts in our top ten addressing Safety and Lift Trucks:

OSHA Emphasis Lift Trucks

Inspection Compliance ForkLifts

And the balance  at 5000 views or less each addressed Metallurgy and it’s impact on our processes and products:

Hardness vs Hardenability

5 Benefits of Cold Work 

Blue Brittleness

5 Reasons to Anneal Steel

Seams on Steel Products

We started this blog to provide knowledge retention of important concepts that impact our precision machining businesses.

But you keep this blog going with your interest,  forwards to colleagues, and comments on group discussion on LinkedIn where we share.

What will be 2014’s most important posts? We suspect regulatory topics to garner a lot of attention, but there is always the economy…

What would you like us to blog about in 2014?

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