PMPA CEU Program- Documenting Training and Continuing Professional Education

PMPA has a history of providing relevant industry training programs at the local regional and national level.

Training for competitiveness and love of the craft

Training for competitiveness and love of the craft

Now, PMPA is providing a means to capture the value of that training for both attendees and employers through Continuing Education Units.

PMPA is pleased to offer the CEU program as a means to recognize and document your employees’ achievements and your investment in their training and career development.

Earning CEU’s will provide employees documentation and credentialing that recognizes their training and professional development throughout their careers in the industry.

The CEU program will help your company track your investment in employee training. The program will provide a means to assist your HR staff in documenting employee training as required for various quality standards and certification programs.

You can find out more about PMPA’s new CEU program HERE and at CEU FAQ.

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