PMPA November Business Trends Index Better Than 5-year Average!

January 6, 2021

With 75 companies responding, the PMPA Business Trends Index for November increased to 125, This is two
points or 1.6 percent over October’s 123 value. While the rate of growth slowed, it is continuing to grow. The
index is five points above the November 5- year average of 120.2.” – November 2020 PMPA Business Trends Report

November Sales up 48.8 % from April Low! Down slightly from October.

Our November Index is up 48.8 percent from the April low of 84. The October- November decline is lower than that of the prior two years.

Our shops’1.6 percent increase from October to November compares favorably to the Fed’s 0.4 percent increase in industrial production and its 0.8
percent manufacturing output gain for the same period. Our November-February shortfall is 6.0 percent, close
to the Fed’s 5.0 percent lower reading. Fed link

Sentiment Indicators for next three months outlook remained positive for Sales, increased for lead time, employment, and profitability.

A good report!

Link: November 2020 Business Trends Report