PMPA Podcasts- Monday with Miles

August 7, 2020

We have been told that our new channel is more interesting, as well as useful…


Technical topics already recorded include Tool Life (Episode # 26, 5 Advantages of Cold Drawn Bars (Episode #19) and What is Machinability (episode #1)

Safety and Regulatory topics already recorded and available for listening include 2 episodes (Episodes #23 &@4)     ) reviewing the Spring regulatory Agenda  covering NLRB, EPA and a host of OSHA items; OSHA inspection Priorities (Episode #18); OSHA Guidance on Face Masks (spoiler alert, they are NOT PPE); and an EEOC discussion  (Episode #16).

Management topics recorded include Committing to Sustain our Business (Episode #27); Business Trends Indicators Prove Positive (Episode #22); and a couple of posts on USMCA  (Episodes (#11 & #15).

Most interesting topics recorded  so far have to be our interviews with People in the industry.  Our Interview with Scott Wiltsie at Vanamatic has been one of our most popular. When you learn  of their absenteeism rate and continuous improvement achievements, you will give yourself a new assignment! (Episode #20).  Our interview with Michael DeVoss of Outokumpu Stainless will broaden your knowledge of machining stainless, and  help you get a free copy of the company’s latest guide for Machining Stainless.

We are keeping these podcasts concise, and informative and also sharing a bit of the fun and joy that we have found in our precision machining work.

Check them out here: PMPA Monday With Miles Podcasts

Our production team includes Carli Kistler Miller as co-host and producer;  Joe Jackson is our Audio Engineer Extraorinaire.

Got a topic you like us to “podcast?” Someone you’d like us to interview? Send your suggestions to Joe Jackson at  PMPA

Catch you next Monday-at Speaking Of Precision- Monday with Miles