Der Mensch Ist Mittelpunkt

June 23, 2015

English translation will be my follow up post.


Ich ging nach Horn, über Weiterbildungsprogramm erfahren.

Lothar Horn

Lothar Horn

“Die Besten Menschen sind die Basis für die Zukunft.

Unsere aufgabe ist es, unsere Mitarbeiter bleiben die beste.“- Lothar Horn

In Deutschland gibt es ein Sprichtwort:

“Der Mensch ist Mittelpunkt

Der Mensch is Mittal.” (Punkt!)

Der Mensch ist mittelpunkt

Der Mensch ist mittelpunkt

Dies bedeutet, dass der Mensch im Mittelpunkt des Unternehmens, nicht nur Mittel zum Zweck.

Aber ich sage: “Es ist wirklich alles über den menschlichen!”

Der Mensch

Der Mensch macht unser Produkt.

Der Mensch macht unser Produkt.


Der Mensh sichert Qualität.

Der Mensch sichert Qualität.


Der Mensch ist auch unser Kunde.

Der Mensch ist auch unser Kunde.

Wir alle sind der Kunde, das ist der Punkt!

Oder wie ich lernte Horn:


“Du bist nicht eine Zahl, ein Name bist du, jeder ist wichtig. “


Das ist alles, was Sie wissen müssen über Weiterbildungsprogramm Philosophie.

Society- Driving Technical Innovation in Precision Machining

June 19, 2013

It is not just demographics of our workforce that drives our industry. It is also the demands of society that provides us with the opportunity to innovate.

I was on a panel at IMTS last year on workforce issues.

I shared the following information regarding our workforce demographics in 2020 according to BLS

Major changes ahead for our shops.

Major changes ahead for our shops.

You can read my post here Skilled Workforce Demographics 2020

I was interested to see a presentation from Paul Horn GmbH. entitled Society- Driver of Technical Innovation at HORN Technology Days last week. Their approach was workforce agnostic- it was based on a look at the  demands from society, rather than focus on how industry will supply that demand.

My economics professor would be so proud.

in 2008-2009 we learned that it is Demand, and Not supply, that drives the economy.

in 2008-2009 we learned that it is Demand, and not Supply, that drives the economy.

So how does Horn see societal demand driving innovation in the precision machining space?

7 Megatrends to Impact our Industry

  • Mobility
  • Population Growth
  • Globalization
  • Communication
  • Health
  • Aging Society
  • Urbanization

Changes in each of these areas requires technical innovation in Production Technology, Materials, Processes, Electronics, and Software, to make new technologies economically adoptable “Just in Time.”

Pillars of technical innovation

Pillars of technical innovation

Interestingly, Precision Machining “owns” all five of the “columns” in this model as we grow into our future state.

Which of these  are your particular “sweet spot?” What is your plan to gain competence in the others?

Who would argue that we are not facing new challenges in production technology, materials, processes, or increased use of electronics and software to make tomorrow’s more challenging parts?

We will revisit some of these megatrends in coming blogs.

Do you have a process for identifying “over the horizon” issues that will affect your shop?

Which megatrends are opportunities more so than challenges for your shop and team?

Thanks to  PMPA Technical Member Horn USA for sharing the materials from Technology Days