Best Free Video You’ll See This Year

October 29, 2009

Nova produces wonderful scientific specials.  They are sumptuously filmed,  compellingly written, and always interesting.  This years’ two hour season premier is probably the best free video that you will see this year.

Best Techie TV Of 2009!

Best Techie TV Of 2009!

Absolute Zero explains the history of the ‘science of cold,’ and even uses the example of boring out a cannon barrel to demonstrate generation of heat to  attack the theory of “caloric.” Air conditioning, refrigeration and delivery of electricity are other industrial applications of the ‘science of cold’ that are produced by our industry.

Alchemy, Chemistry, Guillotines, Dangerous Experiments, Explosions,  Ox Sledges, Metrology, Gas Laws, Math, Steam Engines, Explosions,  Bose Einstein Condensates, and a ‘cool look’ at globalization of ice trade in the 19th century. A real treat for both sides of your brain. And its free on HULU.