Lean Explained In Just 2 Photos

March 31, 2016

Editing to remove non- value adding distractions and waste is the true essence of Lean.

There are many distractiong non value added elements in this photo.

There are many distracting non-value-added elements in this photo.


lean eliminates those distractions to reveal the true value.

Lean eliminates those distractions to reveal the true value.

Who is the “Lean Editor” to cut the non-value-added distractions and waste throughout your shop?


Isn’t It Time You Blogged About Lean Six Sigma?

February 18, 2010


I’m really more focused on Quality.

On draining the swamp, not swamp beautification.

Quality Assurance.

Organizational Improvement. (People and Processes.)

Lean is just another way of saying eliminate waste.

Six Sigma uses statistical jargon, but how many people in top management can even get close to describing the area under the normal curve at +/- 3 sigma? Or know that a sigma is a standard deviation? And what that means?

Let alone recognize non-normal data?

(“Six Sigma” is just another term for “Magic ” to the guys wearing ties at the OEM’s…)

I’m not into cute names for serious tools. We were using  powerful  statistical techniques before they got new cute  names and became safe  Okay fashionable  to say up in the carpeted front office.

Draining the swamp doesn't need tools with cute names.

However, if you are serious about Quality. Quality Assurance. Organizational Improvement. And Tools You Can Use to drain the swamp, instead of reading crap of unknown provenance from the web,  here’s your reading list:

1) Competing Against Time by Stalk and Hout
2) Toyota Way by Jeffrey Liker.Frankly, if you haven’t already read

3) The Goal, by Eliyahu Goldratt, (get this one first it will give you key insight into how to think about manufacturing.)

4) The Machine That Changed The World by Womack is also worth your time.

Take these tools, and love it.

Excavator photo credit.