Scissors Lift Fatalities Prompt OSHA Safety Alert

OSHA Issues Safety Alert- Scissors Lifts

10 fatalities and 20 serious injuries over a one year period spurred the alert.

What you need to know:

  • Only trained operators permitted to use;
  • Training must be complete;
  • Equipment must be properly maintained;
  • PPE must be worn;
  • Lift platforms must have guardrails in place, and employees must not stand on guardrails;
  • Never move a lift when the platform is elevated per Manufacturer’s instructions;
  • Outdoor operations only when wind speeds are below 28 mph.

Pre-shift scissors lift inspection Graphic Courtesy Toyota Lift Truck of Minnesota:


Link to OSHA Alert: Scissors Lift Hazard Alert

ToyotaEquipment of Minnesota Graphic

OSHA Aerial Lifts Fact Sheet

One Response to Scissors Lift Fatalities Prompt OSHA Safety Alert

  1. judy wilson says:

    Thanks for posting the different parts of a scissor lift that need to be inspected before each use. Checking for any leaks or wear and tear around the hydraulics, rams, hoses, and connections seems like an important step. These components are essential to operate a scissor lift safely, so I can see why they would be listed in this checklist.

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