The Person is at the Center


I visited HORN to learn about their Workforce Development Program.

 For the German version of this post, go here.

Lothar Horn

Lothar Horn

“The best people are the basis of the future.

Our job is to help our people remain the best.”-Lothar Horn

In Germany they have a saying. It is a play on the word Punkt, which means both “point” and “period.” (“Period” as in “End of discussion!”)

“Der Mensch ist Mittelpunkt ( The man is the centerpoint -implies part of the team, respected)

Der Mensch is Mittel.” The man is center. PERIOD (implies just a means to an end, a resource not respected)

Der Mensch ist mittelpunkt

The man is the center of the company and important for  what it does.

This saying conveys that the human should be at the center of the company and its purpose, not just a means to an end.

But I say “It is really all about the People.”

Our People

Der Mensch macht unser Produkt.

Our people make the product.


Der Mensh sichert Qualität.

Our people assure the Quality

Der Mensch ist auch unser Kunde.

Our people are also our customers.

We are all customers, that is my POINT! (Punkt)

What did I learn about workforce development from HORN?

Lothar Horn

Lothar Horn

“You are not just a number, you are a name, everyone is important at HORN.”

And that is all that you need to know about workforce development philosophy.

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