What Do Machinist’s Dream Of?

“We are not given a dream unless we also have the power to make it happen.” PMPA President Darlene Miller.

I was in the audience when she made that comment at a meeting of students considering their future careers.

That quote resurfaced over the weekend when my son, a CNC operator, sent me the following video “What Do Machinists Dream of?”


It made me smile, because our machinists can in fact make the high precision, high reliability components shown in the video needed for the sponsor’s “Dream Mission.”

What you dream is important, because it determines what you have the power to achieve. What do you dream of ?

If you dream of an interesting and well paying career, you might want to investigate precision machining.

And yes, we can make the stuff that you see in the video in our shops.

“Moon Mission, anyone?”

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