Precision Industry March Sales- New Record

The PMPA Business Trends Report for March 2014 hit 129, a new high for the indicator of precision machining industry shipments in US and Canada.

67 companies provided data on shipments as well as first shift hours scheduled and sentiment for three months going forward for sales, profitability, lead times and employment.

129 is a new record for shipments.

129 is a new record for shipments.

“The March 2014 PMPA Business Trends Report shows that our precision machining industry has reached a record level of shipments, but sentiments softened across all areas that we measure. While we show positive levels of hours worked, shipments, overtime and profitability, each of these indicators has softened to a less bullish level than in January and February. Our indicators suggest perhaps moderation in demand for our products in the months ahead.”

Read the full report here

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