1912 8th Grade Exam- Fail Means No High School For You!

Dave Davidson posted a link to this test on the SME LinkedIn Group and of course I had to take the test.

1912 8th Grade Exam

This test determined whether or not you would be permitted to attend high school back in the day.

Had I not helped my wife with the teaching duties when we home schooled, I’d have done much worse  than I did.

It’s been a while…

Surprisingly little science.

Surprisingly little science.

Strong on technicalities of English and Geography; the Math was smaller portion of the test than I expected, but would stymie many job seekers today.

If you can pass the math questions on this, you are probably already a pretty good machinist or engineer.

And if you miss the one about the last battle of the civil war, it’s probably because you guessed the one that wasn’t listed as a choice.

Like I did.


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