The $1500 Glasses you’ll have to have

This technology could be the embodiment of our industry’s real vision of a “Paperless Shop.”

No mention of what you’ll have to pay to stop the annoying pop-up adds that are likely to be  delivered via this device.

But more to the point, we could see this as being a great way to access part details from prints while looking at the part on the machine during production or in the shop.

The glasses could recognize part features and then call up the appropriate details and inspection criteria wirelessly and in real time.

These glasses could help facilitate and assure quality checks and compliance to specifications.

And be used to document procedures and work instructions.

How could you see these glasses being used to make a difference in your operations? 

Link from Gizmodo

2 Responses to The $1500 Glasses you’ll have to have

  1. Ken says:

    Why have an operator with Glasses when a Machine can do it – at speed.

    • speakingofprecision says:

      Ken, you raise a good point. I am just suggesting that this new technology may have practical applications in our shop, But I see that the machine intelligence is also on a fast parallel track to get there.

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