Parachute Jump From Edge Of Space Take 2

24-1/4 miles high- great altitude to jump! That is quite a first step!

Sunday,  Austrian Felix Baumgartner rode a balloon to the edge of space, stepped off his balloon- borne capsule into a 128,100 feet, 830 mph, 4 minute, supersonic free fall.

It was the highest jump ever recorded, and at Mach 1.24, the fastest descent.

Temperatureminus 70 Fahrenheit.

Pressurewithout the pressure suit, his blood would have vaporized.

This is just one example of the existential joys of engineering.

  • Having a dream.
  • Understanding the challenges.
  • Engineering solutions.
  • Daring to test them.

To those who dream, who know, who engineer, who dare, to these is Victory.

This is how science drives human progress.

In the future, astronauts will be better protected  due to the lessons learned from Baumgartner’s Jump.

Congratulations to the Team at Red Bull!

Mission Accomplished!

You built that! With the help of a lot of skilled engineers, technicians and manufacturing talent.

We wrote about the Red Bull Stratos Project’s preliminary test flight earlier this year here.

Redbull Photo Pool

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