Shop Safety Guided Tour PMPA NTC 23 April 2012

At PMPA’s National Technical Conference, attendees will be presented with a wealth of programs to help them ‘further their degree in precision machining.’

I am pretty excited about  the Honing the Tool Whisperer  in you session; Gary Griffith’s  (Griffith Training) GDT session on orientation tolerances; Automation and Robotics presented by Don Engles of Productivity Inc.

I’ll be presenting a session monday afternoon titled Shop Safety- A Photo Tour. No sermon, not a lot of 1910. here comes trouble. Just a tour of shops demonstrating best safety practices, and maybe some opportunities to improve.

When I say best practices, this is an illustration of what I'm talking about. How does your housekeeping compare to this?

I don’t expect folks to fly to Chicago to see my Shop Safety Photo tour.

But I know that the one’s who do will leave with a vision of what best practices can be, and a handful of links to authoritative OSHA references.

Plus the latest news on the issues that we are engaging with OSHA  in our industry.

Program details

Technical track, Quality Track, Management Track, Leadership Gold Certification session, Critical Process Thinking in the Quality Profession.

Yes, we’ve got a great program lined up for you.


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