One EV That I’m Excited About

Here’s an Electric Vehicle to  make you say- “Why didn’t I do that?”

Unbelievable performance

Here’s some specs:

  • 60″ tall
  • 39″ wide
  • 0-60 in 3.8 seconds
  • Nascar Roll Cage FIA certifed to 200 mph
  • 56 degree rollover threshold- same as a Porsche 911
  • 3150 pounds curb weight
  • Range- 100 miles using lead acid batteries. 87 mpg equivalent.
  • 1000 lbft of combined torque
  • 2000 amp 350 volts ~ 600 kw; 805 input hp

At $150,000 probably  certainly out of our range, but not too bad from a guy who self describes as being “Too dumb to know it couldn’t be done.”

Awesome video!


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