Follow Up- Process Review

Any design- whether product, recipe, process, or art- should be subject to periodic review of the designer.

The reason for this is to assure that

  1. It is being used as originally intended
  2. It is being followed
  3. It is effective
  4. Opportunities for improvement  are identified


This is fully in keeping with the Deming Wheel, or for us old timers,”the Shewart Cycle.”

The revisiting of the process  creates learning opportunities for the  organization as well as the people involved:

  • Teaches those involved in the process
  • Teaches the Designer doing the review about his process
  • Teaches the Designer about how the organization implements their designs
  • Teaches the Designer how to improve their future process designs
  • Adds to the “Tribal Knowledge” of the organization.

The review  of the process can be the most profitable aspect of the company’s product provision efforts.

If it is not neglected.

Plan and Do are critical and measured by the customer.

Check and Act are equally as important and  measured by profitability. They are the engine of institutional learning and continuous improvement.

Deming Wheel.


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