3 Meaningful Structural Issues To Be Addressed

Michelle Applebaum is the analyst we follow for steel industry developments.

She has the best handle on the statistics that we care about and a lifetime of experience to help her craft that “handle.”

In her latest piece  for American Metal Market  Ms. Applebaum lists 3 meaningful structural issues to be addressed:

1) Call China a currency manipulator once and for all.

2) Steer clear of trade agreements that turn into legalized rape.

3) Create a government platform where stability – of environmental costs, social costs, and defense against assaults on our trade laws will enable industry to make long term financial commitments.

Michelle led her piece with the following line- I think it is really the perfect closing to this discussion:

“Its absurd- and even arrogant- to expect to be able to export our products into other countries when we can’t even defend our markets at home.”

How 'bout them apples?

How ’bout them apples?


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